Service Times:

Sunday 10:00AM
*children’s church 10:30AM

Wednesday 7:00PM

Our Father’s Hands

Our Father’s Hands is our ministry that collects new school supplies for children in grades Preschool through 12th.

We distribute these supplies at a designated Saturday in the month of July.

How can I help:

1. Throughout the year bring in new school supplies (backpacks, pens, pencils, glue, markers, etc) where they will be counted and stored until August.  During some months we have specific things we ask for, example in March we ask for markers( Marker March Madness).  We will announce specifics in the church bulletin throughout the year

2. If you have computer and organizational skills you can be trained to help in organizing the school material throughout the year.   This is a trained position and will be decided by Pastor Todd Smith.

3. At the designated Saturday in August be present to help distribute the backpacks and greet the children with their families.


For more info about Our Father’s Hands please fill out the form provided: